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How An Inpatient Rehab Program Can Help Your Loved One

When your loved one has an addiction, sometimes an inpatient rehab program is the best option for them. With this type of program, your loved one can get the help they need to deal with and manage their addiction. Here are three ways a rehab program can help:

Removes Temptations

One reason to utilize the services of an inpatient facility is their ability to remove temptations. For those dealing with a chemical dependency, completely removing their ability to get to the substance of their choice is essential. To accomplish this task, many facilities restrict visitors at first, so the patient has time to acclimate to the program.

Additionally, most visitors cannot bring in bags, such as purses or backpacks, since people can hide certain substances inside them. Even though you are determined to help your loved one recover, other people may not be. These facilities understand this, so they have to monitor all guests to help keep alcohol and drugs out of their buildings and away from their patients.

Safe Detox Environment

The next service that is extremely helpful to anyone with a serious addiction is to have a safe detox environment. The detox process is necessary to clear out the drugs or alcohol from the body. However, for those that have spent years drinking or using drugs, this process comes with challenges.

For example, alcohol withdraw symptoms can include sweating, vomiting and shaking hands in the first 6-12 hours of the process. As the withdraw process continues, these symptoms can become worse and may include hallucinations and seizures. For this reason, you want your loved one to be in a facility that has a dedicated medical staff. These individuals have the training and experience to help the patient deal with the withdrawal symptoms in the safest possible manner.

Offers Coping Techniques

Another service that helps an addict handle their problem is to teach them coping techniques. Detox is only the first step of the process. Your loved one needs to know how to deal with temptation once they leave the facility.

In many cases, the facility starts with personalized and group therapy to help the patient identify the reasons why they use drugs or drink. Along with therapy, the staff members give advice on how to deal with stress and the urges to use again. This portion of the process can take the longest, because learning to manage and control an addiction takes time and determination on the part of the patient.

Recovering from an addiction is one of the hardest things a person can go through. However, with help, understanding and compassion, your loved one can deal with their addiction. It is always a good idea to seek the guidance of a medical professional to determine the right type of inpatient program for your loved one. If you're looking for a local rehab center, visit Pacific Ridge.